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Molecular Formula: C2H2O2
Structural Formula:

Features: White transparent liquid, specific gravity 1.26. soluble in water, ether and ethanol. Chemical Property is very lively and easy to aggregate into a white resinous solid.
CAS number: 107-22-2
Operative standard: Enterprise inner standard Q/HY.J0205-2004 (Add enterprise standard forms, including Glyoxal, alcohol, formaldehyde, acid)
Product content: 40% water solution
Package: 250KG/plastic barrel, or packed according to the requirements of customers.
Shelf life and storage way: 12 months (Dark, cool place storage)
Application: Mainly used for glyoxylate, M2D resin, imidazole and other raw materials, products, and as gelatin, gelatin, cheese, alcohol, and insoluble starch adhesives, artificial silk resistance reduction agent.Recently , With the fast development of the application in pharmacy, textiles and daily construction materials, the application of glypxal can be wider and wider..In medicine, mainly for the special ring imidazole drugs such as metronidazole, dimetridazole, imidazole, etc.; in the intermediate area, mainly for glyoxylate, D-hydroxyphenylglycine, allantoin, benzene Enzyme pharynx, berberine;In the textile, the main agent used for finishing clothing, 2D resin, M2D resin; in the paper industry, mainly for sizing, wet strength increased resistance of paper; in polymer chemistry is a very effective cross-linking Factor for cross-linking agent; in the construction industry, cement curing agent used to improve the solidification strength, as a control landslides, can prevent the loss of mud to prevent the collapse.

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