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Honeysuckle Flower Tea
Honeysuckle Flower Tea

Honeysuckle Flower Tea
Main content: Honeysuckle, chrysanthemum, licorice, grass jelly, Dan Hua, hawthorn piece
Function: 3,000 years ago, our ancestors began to use it to cure diseases. Hongyuan Honeysuckle Flower Teaadopts excellent quality wild honeysuckle and other sweet herbs and water, the Dabie Mountains through modern technology. The taste is special, clear and mild.
Suitable group:
1. Front of the computer or watching TV too much, too many people electromagnetic radiation.
2. Regular smoking, drinking, or bad breath need to wash the lungs, protect the liver, stomach and colon hydrotherapy are clear stool.
3. Late-night overtime work, easy to get angry, detoxification capability to reduce those.
4. Outdoor activities, exercise greater loss of body water.
5. People who feels difficult to buy present.
Package:310ml/cans ( 24cans/12cans)

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