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Carboxymethylpachymaran Capsule
Carboxymethylpachymaran Capsule

history of poria used as health food can be more than 2,300 years.
The main component of poria are β-Poria glycans and triterpenes. Poria glycans is water insoluble. It is difficult to absorb by human body.
Modern medical shows that poria glycans can improve the immune function of human body. Poria polysaccharide can significantly increase macrophage phagocytosis, enhanced T lymphocyte function, and activation of complement factors C3 and B, there is a strong anti-tumor effect and reduce side effects of radiotherapy and chemotherapy.
What's more, Poria polysaccharides to improve sleep, enhance myocardial contractility, can inhibit the occurrence of gastric ulcer, protect the liver against liver cell necrosis, as well as a diuretic, reducing blood sugar, such as sedation, and anti-inflammatory effect of antimicrobial.
Suitable group:
1. Immunocompromised;
2. Tumors, radiotherapy and chemotherapy;
3. Frequent urination, lack of energy;
4. Skin yellowish, dull;
5. Those in poor sleep;
6. Large work pressure, pursuing high quality life;
7. Excessive drinkers.
Rabbit Fu Shen Fu Qi Ren Capsule license adopts excellent poria as the raw materials and extracts the effect component with modern arts---Carboxymethyl Poria polysaccharides. polysaccharide carboxymethyl Poria secondary raw materials quality Spinosae, wolfberry, and other flavor extracts of traditional medicines. Based on the Qing Dynasty preparation, ou company researched new type health food with Wuhan University Medical College. It owns certain ability and market promoting ability. It is honesty and long period cooperative, legal medical management certificates, business reputation and welcome to join us.

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