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Xiao'er Xishi Tangjiang
Xiao'er Xishi Tangjiang

Common name: Xiao'er Xishi Tangjiang
Han Yu Pin Yin: Xiao'er Xishi Tangjiang
Ingredient: Medicated Leaven, fructus aurantii, bighead atractylodes rhizome, fructus crataegi, fructus oryzae germinatus; auxiliary is cane sugar, and sodium benzoate;
Appearance: it is medium brown sticky liquid; sweet taste with light bitter
Major functions:
tonifying spleen, help digestion; for therapy of children dyspepsia or diarrhea caused by dyspepsia and inappetence
Specifications: 100ml/bottle
Usage and dosage: oral;for children among 1-5, 3-5ml each time; for children above 5, 10-15ml each time; 3 times each day

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