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Oxalic acid
Oxalic acid

Molecular Formula: C2H2O4
Molecular Weight: 90.04
Features: Colorless transparent crystal or powder
CAS number: 144-62-7
operative standard: Enterprise inner standard
Product and Package: 25kg/woven bag or packed according to teh requirements of customers.
Shelf life and storage way: 24 months (dry, dark and cold place)
Metallurgical Industry: precipitation for separation of rare earth metals. Organic Synthesis: for 2133 resin, electric jade powder, such as butadiene catalyst.
Light: for leather, wood, aluminum, marble polishing, rust, bleach, cleaning, etc..
Dyeing and printing industry: used in place of acetic acid, for the family of fast pigment color dye staining help agent.
Pharmaceutical industry: for tetracycline, oxytetracycline, phenobarbital, borneol, etc..
Other areas: analysis reagent, producing drugs such as antibiotics and borneol and refining rare metals in the solvent, dye reducing agent, tanning agent. In addition, Oxalic acid Oxalic acid can also be used for synthesis of various esters, Oxalic acid amide such as salt and grass Products, and to Oxalic acid and Oxalic acid diethyl sodium, Oxalic acid and calcium largest output. Oxalic acid can also be used cobalt - molybdenum - catalyst for the production of aluminum, metal and marble cleaning and bleaching of textiles.

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